We decided to include one website on here that actually isn’t very much like Omegle or Chatroulette. You see, TinyChat isn’t really even in the random chat room site category, but at the same time, you can definitely talk to strangers there all you want. What TinyChat offers is a group chat room app where you can see everyone else that’s in the same room as you are. The cool thing about their service is that you can instantly create your very own chat room without having to register or anything, just like that! The simplicity of creating a room, combined with the speed with which you can do it, further combined with a slick interface with great features, allowed TinyChat to burst onto the chatting scene and gain major popularity. Currently it isn’t quite as popular as it once was, but you can still find plenty of people to chat with at any given time.

Each chat room contains great features, and the ever important live video chat capability. On the homepage you will see a list of active rooms you can choose to join, so you don’t have to even create your own room if you just want to jump into a group of strangers and start conversing. In this way, you can use TinyChat for both meeting new people and also creating rooms for your friends you already have, which is a great ability to have. At any rate, I think that about covers the basics for this chat site so head on over and give them a try if this sounds like something you might happen to be interested in. http://www.tinychat.com