Best Random Chat Rooms List

Hi there, and thanks for visiting our awesome list of random video chat sites like Omegle & Chatroulette.

First of all, coming up with this list of the most amazing random chat room sites wasn’t easy. We take the word “top” seriously, and it is in our site name after all. So, we spared no expense in our exhaustive search of the internet in order to find, test, and record each website for your pleasure. Whether you’re looking to video chat or just plain text chat, this list we have compiled will provide you with alternatives for both, we’ve got you covered. There are also other chatting choices of the more old fashioned group of strangers in a single room variety, rather than just the 1-on-1 format – many of the random chat sites have expanded their offerings to include these sorts of options in order to make sure users such as yourself have everything they could possibly desire on a single website.

Remember, it is a privilege to be able to so easily talk to strangers, so play nice, and be polite, unless you’re trolling I suppose. But even then, try not to take it too far, there is a line that is not meant to be crossed even on the most ridiculous of chat sites. Also, be careful about giving out your personal information to anyone you meet in these rooms. They may seem like the coolest person ever, but you never know what their true intentions are, so don’t take anything for granted. Other than that, check out our cool list and chat with strangers today!