Omegle is the most popular random chat room site in existence today. However, it hasn’t always been that way, because Chatroulette was definitely the most popular when it initially came out. You see, back then Omegle had not yet added the video chat capability, and was limited to just text chat. People were obviously very much entertained by the addition of the video functionality, and that sent Chatroulette’s traffic absolutely soaring. However, Omegle was quick to react and not long after they rolled out their own video chat feature, allowing them to compete and then eventually overtake Chatroulette in popularity to become number one, where they still remain now to this day. The rise of Omegle might seem odd to some people, but it was more than just the addition of the video chatting that did it. Chatroulette made a number of mistakes with the ways they changed their app that allowed Omegle to defeat them, and Omegle continuously changed their service to make it better and better.

One example is they added moderators to help get rid of the constant nude user problem. This has helped them massively, as that issue had turned a lot of people off from the entire random video chat scene quite a bit, but now they’ve been able to bring many of those same people back into the fold. Another cool feature they have that separates them is the option to choose between text and video random chat options. This is a nice addition, because not everyone wants to always show themselves live streaming, it can be a bit of a privacy issue for many users, or just plain tiring. At any rate, I don’t think there’s a whole lot more to say, they’re number one in the industry so that should tell you about all you need to know – you don’t get to be number one without being pretty dang awesome.