If you’re looking for a chat site that is everything you could desire all in one, RandomSkip just might be the app for you. The first thing you will find when you visit is that it does contain the usual random video chat functionality, similar to any sites like Omegle and Chatroulette. However, RandomSkip then takes things quite a bit further in terms of the options they offer their users. First of all, they have added a text random chat room. Yes, I know Omegle already has done that, but RandomSkip took it and made it their own. How? Well, they added the extremely important picture sharing feature. It sounds simple, but the reality is that it actually makes a massive difference when you’re in the middle of chatting with someone who you want to get to know better. If you really want to make friends, you have to be able to show them what you look like in a photo. So yea, they added the images capability, and it works perfect, and I love them for it, as will you.

RandomSkip didn’t stop there though, they also added a group chat room format into the mix. This was the perfect way to complete their website apps offering, because it is the perfect change of pace. In this regular chat room style you get to see everyone else in the same room, and talk to strangers in multiples at once. This way, if you’re tired of having to always carry on the conversation in the 1-on-1 rooms, and maybe feel like sitting a little bit more on the sidelines, you can do that just fine. Or, you can be the center of attention, the choice is yours of course. This room comes with a live video chat capability, and people tend to love getting on cam. You can also watch multiple live on webcam at once. https://www.randomskip.com/omegle